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4 WORST Pieces of Advice You Can Get From a Personal Trainer

If you thought that fitness pros don’t dish out some bad advice, please read this to the end. As a trainee, you expect your personal trainer to be the expert on all matters relating to your fitness. However, some bits of advice don’t usually workout, which is why you should always stick to reliable personal trainers Kingsford area or your locality has to offer.

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Sometimes the advice you get from a personal trainer may be ineffective, or even dangerous. When you register with personal trainers Kingsford area has to offer, here are some of the unreliable tips that you should watch out for:

Do not squat beyond 90 degrees

Many personal trainers give this advice with a view to protecting the knees of the trainee. However, experts believe that it actually leads to tension on the knees. Experts advise on a properly performed, full squat, which is healthy because it leads to more stability on the knees. This is according to Chris Fox of and a renowned personal trainer. A six-minute squat could yield positive results in your muscles, especially the lower body.

Heavy weights are not for women

Some personal trainers will offer this advice but experts disagree with this school of thought. Heavy weights help in developing muscles, which even women need to burn calories. Fox explains that with strong, big muscles, you could lose weight more easily even without routine workouts. As a woman, you can do yourself favor lifting heavy weights to help strengthen your ligaments, tendons, and muscles. This, in the end, makes them less prone to injury. All the same, reliable personal trainers in Kingsford would just advise you on the right form of workouts to do.

More cardio will help you lose weight

When it comes to losing weight, diet plays an important role. However, when you engage in prolonged cardio training, you may deplete your T3 hormones, which are essential in controlling metabolism, especially in women. The T3 hormones allow your body to function efficiently but when their level drops, a person is likely to gain fat more easily even when the person is engaged in various activities. It is for this reason that a person can spend hours on a treadmill but with little or negative results. Reliable Kingsford personal trainers could shed more light on this.

A single exercise or eating plan works for everyone

Fitness can take various approaches, but the point is you must follow a certain course. There is no one-size-fits-all in fitness training. If brisk walking at least 20 minutes a day can do the trick, so be it! For another person, it might be running around the block a few times every morning and evening. Whichever course of training you take, stick to it, and cooperate with your personal trainer. With a reliable personal trainer, you can learn more and benefit more from your routine workouts. Click here Guzz Fit!

This list might not be exhaustive but it could help you know what is right for your fitness training. If you would like to hire personal trainers Kingsford area has to offer, you can visit…

Fitness Goals to Set Before Joining a Personal Training Program

Keeping fit begins in your mind before the body expresses it. So many people today are aware of the fitness sessions and personal training programs and what they can help them achieve. However, the different hype-specific advice people get from different sources cause them to lose the big picture’s sight. Setting goals are the first thing you do if you want to benefit a lot from personal training Annandale has to offer. The goals could be general goals, stay-active goals or fitness-lifestyle goals. Here are fitness goals that help stick your eyes to the big picture:

Make fitness part of your life

It’s not advisable to plan for jogging sessions, and gym activities only when you have a health issue to address. In fact, you should engage physical activities even when you feel you are okay. The problem many people have is the failure to make a long run plan for their physical fitness. Even after you have achieved the weight, tone, and shape you madly wanted, fitness activities should still be part of what you love doing. With such a mindset, you would go for personal training Annandale has today and benefit much from it.

Come up with a heating diet plan

Being consistent in physical fitness activities won’t benefit you much if you feed poorly. A healthy diet plan helps you realize many of the fitness goals you set. A nutrition plan can only be effective if it matches your fitness goals. Complex carbohydrates, plenty of proteins, more vegetables and fruits as well as adequate clean water make a diet plan complete. Most experts in personal training in Annandale insist that fitness trainers should completely refrain from sources of empty calories and junk food.

Monitor and check vital statistics

While it’s important to enroll in a fitness or personal training program, it’s sad that some people don’t mind about their vital statistics. These statistics refer to the resting heart rate and blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It’s good to record and keep the variation and consistency of these statistics. If longevity and health are your ultimate reasons for joining any Annandale personal training session, then, you would find these statistics important. The statistics may vary as you age and this should not cause a lot of alarm.

Leave your comfort zone

Doing what you want when you want will not always help you achieve exceptional goals. Don’t always stick to what you have always done. Try something new no matter how difficult it might look. One of the things those who join personal training Annandale has today embrace is trying a physical fitness activity they are afraid of. Fitness activities that bring a more consistent challenge are the best for those with long-term fitness objectives.

Having a goal in anything you do is the beginning of achieving it. The tragedy most people make is starting a fitness program without an objective. While some people set short-term goals others set long run goals. It’s possible to achieve all your goals such as those discussed above if you get the best personal training Annandale has to offer. See more at

Fitness Machines that Help Relieve Stress

Stress is the number one trigger of most diseases. Too much of it can negatively affect your quality of life. Luckily, fitness technology such as Cardiotech offers simple ways to beat stress. These devices are ideal for you if your lifestyle barely permits a trip to the gym or the spa. You can attend to your busy schedule without neglecting your health and fitness. Here are some of these machines.

Relaxing with a Massage Chair

Life is so fast-tracked, you go home too tired to even change. When your body is beat, your muscles become tensed. You sit or stand all day that your legs, arms and back are cramped. Worse, you feel sore all over. You can relieve your aching muscles through a relaxing massage. Massage greatly improves blood circulation supplying those starved and overworked muscles and body cells with the much needed oxygen and nutrients. You can find a variety of features from the best massage chairs Australia has to offer. Luxury massage chairs can treat you to a nice Shiatsu massage. Most massage chairs are also designed to bring the body to a relaxing reclining position. A few minutes of your day on a massage chair can greatly relieve fatigue and stress.

Exercising on a Treadmill

Exercise has many benefits. One of these is direct relief from stress. Thirty minutes of walking exercises mobile or on a treadmill from Cardiotech can significantly raise the happy and relaxing neurotransmitters of your body. These chemicals, called endorphin, can help you feel energized. While walking you are also stretching and strengthening your muscles and bones so you are fit for strenuous physical activities. Moreover, walking helps improve heart and lung function. Before you go to work, jump start your day with a brisk walk on your treadmill and feel up and ready for the challenge of the day. Or you can help relax your body at the end of the day with slow strolls and some light music in your room. You can search the market for a treadmill price within your budget and invest in health and fitness.

Tip: Exercising is good for the body. But, if you have cardiovascular disease, make sure to consult your physician for indicated exercises. Some exercises can tend to overwork your heart and aggravate your condition. Exercise within cardiac limit and stop if you experience dizziness, blurry vision or breathing difficulties.

Passive Exercises using Vibration Machines

Vibration machines are the new trend of fitness. Many are doubtful of the health benefits of this new form of exercise. Does vibration machines work? Studies published in renowned medical journals tend to approve of these new techs. The vibrations cause muscle contractions improving tone. The vibration also improves circulation and metabolism as they cause gentle pressure from the ankles to the upper body. This is beneficial to those who wish to remove toxins from the body and lose weight — a great way to minimize stress triggers. Passive exercise can also be done lying down, sitting down, or standing up.

Try checking out these great stress-busting machines at Cardiotech. The online fitness shop offers a variety of fitness machines at different price ranges.

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